Lens-Artists Challenge #107 – Winter

The wrap up of challenge of seasons comes in array of beautiful images from Ann-Christine.

Oh winter……

If you’ve read my previous “seasonal” posts, you probably noticed a theme of dreadful, cold, never ending Chicago winter.  But I’m not the one to deny that there is beauty in winter as well – the magic of the first snowfall, the red noses and chicks after building a snowman and having a snowball fight, the most joyous holiday season filled with family and friends gatherings.

The next images are from Buffalo, NY – the year 2017 was the year of record cold after record snowfall (these were the last few images I snapped before my phone died in extreme cold):20171227_121149



This one is a snap of my little village collection that we always put up for Christmas and New Years – our most favorite holiday season:

And this one is from the Zoo Lights where in addition to lights they have ice sculptures on display:20181223_170510_LLS

Yes, there is definitely beauty in winter:20181109_082928

I would just prefer for all of that to be over in March 🙂


Thank you hosts for this month of SEASONS.


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