Lens-Artists Challenge #106 – Autumn

Another week, another season.  Autumn is coming to us from Patti (her intricate shots of fall can be viewed here).

Although I don’t necessarily like fall (mostly because of the dread of what’s coming next – the what seems to be the never ending Chicago winter), I do admit that it is the most beautiful and perhaps the most pronounced season around here.

fall 63820181008_125713fall 606813

Autumn, by Amy Boothby (age 10)

Look at the different coloured leaves,

Swaying gently with the breeze,

Lovely reds, browns and greens,

All waiting to fall from the trees.

When they leave they twist and turn,

Ready to join the masses of fern,

Landing softly on the ground,

You can taste the smell of autumn, all around.



  1. I completely agree, fall is also my favourite season in Canada. Winter is too cold, summer is too hot, spring does not exist, but fall is an explosion of colour to be enjoyed to the fullest with the stress of what comes after.

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  2. I agree, Anba. I love fall, but dread the winter! I used to live near Chicago, so I know what you mean about the winters there. Brutal! Your poem and images are lovely reminders of this beautiful autumn season.

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