Lens-Artists Challenge #86 – Change Your Perspective

Another interesting challenge comes from Patti.  She is asking us to share some of the images where we’ve changed our perspective.

Few of looking up:

In case you didn’t figure it out – Lady Liberty

nyc 534

Looking up Gaudi‘s creation

IMG_20191126_115935                                                                  Casa Mila after dark

Few of looking down:

Just one of the manhole covers in Prague


A well that was never used for water (find it in Sintra)


Few looking closer:

A door knob


Small detail of a much larger column

Admire all the detail

And few of optical illusions:

Chicago Bean upclose


Distorted mirror maze

prague trip 597

Follow the Lens-Artists tag for some great and unique images for this and other challenges.

Changing perspective is not only fun, but also needed at times 🙂


  1. Interesting entry indeed! So many perspectives at least I have never seen. Loved the Gaudi especially – and the Bean! Never saw it up-close like that. Great variety – well done.

    Liked by 1 person

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